Green Policy

Horwood House is keenly aware of its duties and responsibilities to the environment, its employees and to the community. We are committed to the following practices and principles to enable us to meet and exceed legislation and expectations.

Running an efficient and successful hotel operation supporting the local economy by being a key employer in the area

Carrying out our business via the most environmentally and socially aware practices possible

Constant monitoring and updating of practices and training of staff to deliver the benefits.


Initiatives Currently Undertaken

Waste limitation and management:

We are mindful of the cost of energy, raw materials and labour involved in production. The ordering of all items is carefully controlled to minimise waste. Bulk purchasing is also used where possible to minimise packaging

The use of lighting, heating and air conditioning is constantly monitored to ensure these resources are not wasted whilst not compromising comfort standards

Energy efficient light bulbs are installed wherever possible

Hotel heating is minimised from spring to autumn

Email communications are only printed when necessary

Advertising and bookings are encouraged via the hotel websites to reduce paperwork

New plant and equipment is chosen with energy efficiency in mind

Soap dispensers are used in bathrooms and public toilets to reduce the waste from under-utilised soap bars

External lighting is controlled by light sensors where possible to ensure energy usage is efficient



Scrap paper is reused where possible for note taking

Stationery items are reused wherever possible

Cooking oil is collected by a licensed contractor and recycled or used for bio diesel

All glass and bottles are recycled

Bedroom and restaurant linen is changed at intervals that do not compromise our standards or the comfort of our guests whilst economising on usage

Guests are pro-actively offered the opportunity to assist in minimising energy\chemical consumptions by deciding on less frequent replacement of fresh linen and towelling

Old kitchen and office equipment is recycled by licensed contractors


Support for local community:

Charitable donations are made to local charities

Foodstuffs are purchased from local suppliers wherever possible

Locally produced drinks are stocked and promoted where possible

Promotional materials for local facilities and attractions are displayed and readily available to guests

Corporate hospitality is conducted supporting local suppliers, facilities and attractions

Each hotel conducts business with regard to the immediate neighbourhood and is mindful of light and noise pollution

The hotels are carefully and continually maintained enhancing the overall appearance of the local areas

Cash is injected into the local community in the form of business rates and staff spending power

Hotel facilities are regularly used to support local communities



The Company encourages the personal development of staff; NVQ and apprenticeships are available

Our printed literature is carried out by a considerate print company who are taking on-going initiatives to support the environment, including vegetable-based inks, elemental chlorine free paper and recycled paper.